Haha. When I saw this I just loved it! Hal and John not wanted Guy to join! Man there’s a lot of hate for him.

More than that though hasn’t there been stuff about Guy Gardner being in the comics for a while, and him kind of being swept under the rug because most people think of Hal Jordan as the difinative GL? 

This poses another question! It’s probably too much to speculate this, but Flash is asking the question and there has also been controversy with Wally West being outed in the newest reboot as a speedster right? For me that sucks because I grew up with Wally West. Even if they just make him the definitive KidFlash instead of Bart Allen who comes after him I’d be so happy! Keep Bart Allen as Impulse and you’ve got an extra speedster but then you don’t have to get rid of a good thing! 

I don’t know. I only have a vague knowledge when it comes to this stuff. I just reaaally hope that Wally West remains a speedster. So as much as this gave me a kick, it also bummed me out a little. Haha.